Never A Dull Moment

Friday, January 14, 2011


Highlights from the year:

Reese got baptized in August with his best friend Simeon. It was a day to remember.

Our annual school-is-out hike up Battlecreek Canyon.

Megan and Sage fill their days with dress-up and fighting.

Hogle Zoo with cousins.

Chad and Reese after attending BYU football tailgate party and game

Annual Thanksgiving Rock Hike

I really don't cry except for the fact that now it just means facing winter with out any magic until spring. Christmas gives meaning and joy to cold, ice and snow. When it is over it is hard to tolerate it all. We have had a wonderful year full of change and challenge. I don't think that change can come without challenges, but interestingly because of the growth we have experienced, none of it has been negative.

Grandpa Conrad with Lacy

Chad and his family celebrated the anniversary of his mother's death by going to the temple and serving there in honor of what she loved to do when she could. His dad also spent it reading their life history. He is doing remarkebly well inspite of her death and his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease.

August brought us one of the big changes for our family. Lacy Ottine was born and has been such a delightful addition to our home. She is always smiling and has been since she was two days old. Her eyes radiate so much joy and also an invitation to join her in her joy of life. We are so grateful to have her.

Again we feel like God has truly blessed us. We are grateful for his kindness.


  1. Short...sweet...and to the point. I LOVE IT! It's so fun to see the pictures from your year. (although I get a bit jealous that I can not be there for it all.) :)

    We love you guys!

  2. So fun to read, Stacy! Glad for the update :)....maybe one of these days I'll get mine updated.